How to Market Your Law Firm Online

How to Market Your Law Firm

Law firm marketing has come a long way from ads placed in newspapers, the Yellow Pages, and other static media. Law firms advertising online reach a far wider audience with a greater range of demographics. However, placing ads is not all there is to it. Learning how to market your law firm online often takes a dedicated staff to handle all aspects of your campaign – digital advertising, social media, blogs, and other venues to bring you to the attention of people who need your services.

Status: In a Relationship

One of the quickest ways to raise your profile is to use your company’s website as your very own bully pulpit in tandem with social media. A blog that provides authoritative, fresh, and interesting content is going to become a go-to resource in combination with SEO that directs people using search engines to your website. You also want potential searchers to be able to find your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Instagram account, LinkedIn profiles, and even your YouTube video channel. You are building a relationship online as much as marketing your expertise by showcasing that expertise as much as possible.

Smart Advertising

The goal of digital advertising is to get people to click on an ad and go to your website, where they presumably investigate further. This is called the marketing funnel, a concept that begins with a click and ends with the purchase. Digital advertising is a very complex part of marketing, with ads that need to be specifically targeted for demographics as well as for platforms. Modern digital ads are the equivalent of high speed trading for advertising. Additionally, mobile advertising is reshaping the way that ads are created, targeted, and measured for performance. Neglecting to advertise your law firm in ads formatted specifically for mobile could be limiting your pool of potential clients.

Going Social – Prudently

There are certain considerations about social media and advertising that go with learning how to market your law firm online. You can discover the latest advice by turning to the American Bar Association. They are a resource for advice on marketing your law firm via social media, while still staying within the bounds of the Canons. Attorneys have to walk a fine line, and be careful not to expose any privileged information or taint a potential jury pool with an errant Tweet.

Getting Help

If the prospect of marketing your firm in-house seems to be out of your reach, experienced marketing professionals who deal with law firms advertising needs may be your best bet. Not every law firm or solo practice has the time or financial resources to handle a unified marketing campaign. This is where 4 Step Studio comes in with an experience and attention to detail that provides law firms with the marketing expertise they need and the discretion that they require. Call us today and find out what we can do to market your law firm online with a great return on investment.


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