The 5 Best Ways to Tank Website Conversions

The 5 Best Ways to Tank Website Conversions

Every once in a while, you run across a website that is so ill thought out, so badly arranged, so outright annoying, that you have to wonder just how the business can continue to operate. No naming and shaming, we will leave that to BuzzFeed, but even some of the Heavy Hitters are guilty of one or more of the 5 Best Ways to Tank Website Conversions.

1.   No clear headlines and CTA.

People are looking for a clear path into your website. One that will tell them what you are there for, what you can do for them, and how to engage with your website. It doesn’t matter where you position your call to action, as long as you have one clearly visible as soon as someone lands on the page. Likewise your headlines need to be short, concise, and to the point.

2.   Slow loading speed.

If your pages load slowly, you can expect that no one will ever see her badly designed website because they will be clicking out after about four seconds. Statistic says that the attention span of a goldfish has been measured at nine seconds, where the average human attention span in 2015 was 8.25 seconds – if that page does not load quickly, you are losing a conversion.

3.   Poor readability and spacing.

Click that BuzzFeed link above if you want to see some truly unreadable websites. The term “negative space” simply means that there is nothing taking up the space – think of it as the dark background typically used by jewelers to show their diamonds. The absence of clutter draws attention to what you want to display. In addition, unreadable fonts are not unique or quirky, they are often headache inducing, resulting in a certain amount of head tilting and, “Honey? Can you figure out what this says?”

4.   Not designed with reading patterns in mind


Think about how you read your book or your reading device. You go from left to right in an orderly manner down the page. Whether it is catalog copy or a blog post, your text needs to be appropriately spaced, in a readable font, and logically laid out.

5.   Confusing navigation.

People want something to happen when they click a button that says “Click Here.” Just as with calls to action, things need to happen when someone clicks a link. Your menus should be readily apparent to users, and easy to use. Individual product pages should come with the information organized, and clickable.

It almost seems as if the faster our devices get, the more impatient we are to find the point. There were days when dial-up modems were standard, broadband was expensive, and most Wi-Fi was out of reach. If you have a site would be at home in those times, it is time for an update and overhaul. As mobile devices come to a greater portion of the market, optimization for data plans is critical. Start optimizing and seeing the difference in your conversions, and in your business.


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