How to Tell If Your Website Sucks

Website, webdesignIt’s the one thing no business manager or owner wants to hear – your website sucks. Unfortunately, simply sticking your head in the sand and hoping for the best won’t change the fact that your page isn’t up to par. To help uncover the truth regarding the health of your company page, here’s everything you need to test your website for a variety of issues and bugs. This way, if things aren’t quite on track, you can start the mending process and move toward showcasing a page that truly knocks your digital audience off of their feet.

The Raw Numbers

The first test to tell if your website sucks, according to the experts over at the Huffington Post, comes in the form of reviewing your page’s analytics. By looking over the gross numbers surrounding views, time on page, and even user habits, you can begin to form a picture of just where the online sales process is going wrong for the people on the other side of the screen. Your domain’s Google Analytics page serves as the primary resource when digging into the statistics that tell the story of your page.

Testing the Navigation

Aside from looking over the raw numbers, the team at the Huffington Post goes on to report that simply browsing your page can unlock a new level of insight into the issues plaguing your site. Whether it’s dead links or selections that don’t render properly, thus causing a less than favorable user experience, spending some time testing every digital nook and cranny can bring all of the navigation issues on your site to light. Additionally, don’t forget to check your site’s mobile variation, as this can help illuminate problems that only affect the portion of your audience that looks in on-the-go.

Poor Search Rankings

If you’re looking for an outsider’s perspective of how your page stacks up to the rest of the digital world, Michelle Hummel of Business 2 Community suggests looking no further than your site’s current search engine rankings. Since Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the other big names in the search engine crawl and index every site via a series of automated programs, the teams in charge of these ranking algorithms know what to look for when it comes to subpar sites. If your rankings have taken a dip lately, or you’ve never placed high to begin with, chances are these industry leaders have a bone to pick with your page.

The Rise of Instability Errors

Finally, Hummel also explains that keeping track of your stability and page uptime can serve as a strong test when trying to determine if your site’s in need of a redesign. For the pages that go under during peak hours, or at the slightest influx of traffic, this is a strong sign that something very serious is going wrong on the programming and fundamental design level.

Naturally, you’ll never find a website that’s truly perfect, no matter how much time you spend browsing the web. However, with these tips in hand, you’ll definitely know for sure if your page sucks, in addition to what you need to do to rejoin the ranks of the top tier digital offerings.


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