Making the Most of Your Digital Marketing First Impression

Marketing first impression, Online marketingIt’s a worn out cliché, but it’s never meant more in the world of digital marketing than it does today – you only get one shot at a great first impression, so you had better make the most out of it. Whether it’s connecting with consumers via social media or luring in casual browsers with your blog content in the hopes that they become regular visitors, you simply can’t afford to botch these opportunities. To help you make the most of these crucial first impressions and boost your brand awareness, here’s everything you need to know about putting your best digital foot forward.

Saying No to Poor Social Media Etiquette

Before dipping into other areas regarding desirable first impressions, it’s vital to hammer out the details regarding acceptable social media conduct. As Amanda Clark of Business 2 Community points out in her look at the subject, making one misstep in the world of Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other major networks can cost your brand dearly. In some cases, it’s simply going overboard with hashtags and linked images. However, there are plenty of other, considerably more serious, social media traps that can ruin your ability to make a positive first impression.

Before firing off a post or tweet, step back for a second and think about if this offering really reflects the values and beliefs of your brand. While it might seem innocuous at first glance, plenty of brands, such as Home Depot, have caused massive damage with careless social media conduct. This doesn’t mean you have to cut social media out of your approach entirely or avoid sounding off on hot button industry issues, just spend a few minutes considering if this is really the message you want to promote on behalf of your company before you hit send.

Going Beyond the Mundane with Blogging

As for the bread and butter of your online marketing approach, Clark goes on to provide guidance on how poor blogging practices can damage your brand visibility. Whether it’s improper page formatting or weak grammar and punctuation, having blog posts that fail to promote a professional look or tone immediately hinders your organization’s ability to connect with consumers. While the casual format might be acceptable for a personal Tumblr page or hobby site, a quick look at some of the biggest brands in the world quickly shows that anything short of impeccable will quickly relegate your offerings to second tier at best. Considering how vital blogging is to you’re the growth of your web traffic and outreach, missing the mark in this area is simply unacceptable.

Protecting Your Brand Image from Outside Forces

Unfortunately, sometimes others can ruin your ability to make a first impression without your knowledge or consent. In his look at the interconnectedness of the online landscape, Forbes Magazine’s John Hall points out just how important it is to manage and protect your brand image from external factors. This means maintaining a firm grasp on unwanted and damaging back links, as well as harmful and falsified consumer reviews.

Naturally, you’ll never completely scour the web of those parasitic offerings, but utilizing Google’s disavow tool to eradicate unwanted linking, as well as making the most of post arbitration on consumer review sites, can help promote a professional and positive brand image in these areas. With this in hand, as well as the rest of what you’ve learned, there’s nothing stopping your organization from dazzling customers with a spectacular first impression.


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