Digital Marketing 101: 5 Ways to Make the Most of Positive Reviews

5 Ways to Make the Most of Positive Reviews

Customers love reviews. They’re written by people just like them, who have had experience with a product or service, and often, they read reviews not just to make a rational assessment, but to validate what they already knew to be true: that a certain product or service was good or bad.

But on the company side, reviews can be somewhat scary. Online reputation management has become a momentous task on a business’ to-do list, because through social media and review systems on places like Amazon, Google Play and the App Store, people’s opinions have become a powerful reason to buy – or not to buy – your product or service.

According to BrightLocal, as many as 88 percent of consumers trust reviews – more so than other forms of marketing. And it’s not just about trust or interest – Forbes notes that reviews lead to higher conversions. But what do you do when you get a good review? A pat on the back may be in order – but the work has just begun.

1 – Point It Out

The first, most obvious thing to do when you get a good review is to reply to it. Not only does that further validate that there are actual caring people working behind your company’s name and logo, but it also brings people’s attention to that good review more so than the others. 

2 – Create a Returning Customer

Customers who loved your product will remember your business for it, but if you make your business’ customer care memorable, then what you get is a customer for life. People love companies that care about them, and they’ll be a lot more likely to purchase from you in the future if they feel that your company deserves their business more so than other competitors. 

3 – Be Eager to Help

Even positive reviews may note that something was off about the product or service, not enough to warrant a negative review, but enough that it was noticeable. The basics of customer service dictate that when something’s wrong, you help the customer fix it. On the Internet, doing this is amplified by the fact that every positive (and negative) review, and every single comment you add to that review, is on full view for everyone else to see.

This is the best kind of advertisement: proof that even when customers love your product or service, you’re eager to provide any kind of assistance and clear up misunderstandings. 

4 – Make an Announcement

When you’re racking up positive reviews, you’ve got more eyes on your company, and that’s the best moment to schedule an announcement. If you’ve been sitting on a new product, an awaited discount, a merging, or any other kind of exciting news, you should “strike while the iron is hot”. 

5 – Take the Conversation to Social Media

A review can become a conversation – especially when it’s done impromptu on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Turn your reviews on social media into conversations – ask the customer more questions, give them advice on their new purchase, and make your business even more memorable to them by interacting on the same level as their friends and family.


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