Sneak Peak of Hot Web Design Trends for 2015

Web designIt’s essential to start the new year knowing what lies ahead for web design since it’s one of the most important aspects of marketing your business. The coming year is gearing up to be the bigger and better versions of 2014’s design trends. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s on the horizon for design in 2015.

Images Take Center Stage

Images have always been a key part of design, whether taking the form of a photograph or a graphic. They’re also becoming larger than life and more responsive in 2015, according to Web Design Ledger. This includes intelligent resizing, the ability to analyze and extract colors for backgrounds, and decreasing server load by optimizing image sizes. Given that so many Internet users are surfing the web using multiple devices and formats, this becomes an essential component of making sure your site is always optimally viewed. Photos have historically been a surefire way to command attention, since many people won’t read through huge blocks of text. Have some killer and eye-grabbing images prepared for the new year, whether as a splash banner or a bold background.

The Death of Hand Coding

Once upon a time, if you wanted a professional, well-designed website, you’d hire a freelance or even in-house web designer to code one from the ground up. The difference in quality between a desktop-published website versus a professionally designed one has always been obvious until now. The days of web designers hand coding customized websites is diminishing, according to Creative Bloq. There are new services and software that are growing more sophisticated each year that allow people to build their own websites with ease, as well as being more cost effective than hiring a freelance web designer to create a site from the ground up. Although these tools are still in their infancy in some ways, their evolution is increasing exponentially. These services allow designers to create websites from the front end, without a lot of back end coding required, if any at all. This effectively makes customized web design more accessible in 2015, as professional designers and coders become a relic of the past.

Every Designer’s Dream Comes True

Typography has traditionally been one of the most important aesthetic elements for designers, whether in hardcopy or digital form. However, former platforms for web design haven’t supported typography in a sustainable way that would allow all site visitors to view it in the correct format. In 2015, responsive typography is gaining speed, presenting more evenly across different platforms and automatically readjusting for easy reading on any device, according to Business 2 Community. Fonts can make a huge difference for your website, conveying a particular tone, mood, and character which also reflects on your brand. The technological developments in design allow more versatility for individualized aesthetics.

Keeping your web design current is essential to success as the consumer marketplace is increasingly driven by online sales and digital content sharing. As it becomes more cost-efficient than ever before, make sure you’re ahead of the pack in 2015.


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