What are you doing for your community?

Giving Back

Community outreach and marketingOne of our customers started a campaign this month to help raise school supplies for Broward County public schools. This particular customer is a big believer in giving back to the community and being involved in what is happening locally.

Why is this important?

People like doing business with businesses that get involved in their community and think about something more then the “What’s in it for me?” No matter how big or small the effort, doing something to help others and creating awareness is a simple way to help your marketing efforts. By this client opening their office doors to allow customers, friends, family, partners, prospects and other local small businesses to bring donations in, they are creating an opportunity for their business to get reconnected with people they may not see everyday.

What lesson should be learned?

As a small business or entrepreneur, at some point in your career or start-up, you needed the help or advice of someone. You needed someone to take that extra step to help you. You should also be thinking about what steps you can take to help others that need it. Whether you are doing a fundraiser, sponsoring a charity event, hosting an event, or anything else, you should make it interactive and get your community involved.

We want to thank First International Title’s Westin office for putting this campaign together, and please consider helping them out, or starting your own campaign today.


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