Do Keywords Really Matter?

Ever since Google dropped the preverbal black cloak over Marketers eyes, the topic of keyword relevance has been a debatable subject. Does the keyword matter anymore? What should be the focus on building a social SEO strategy going forward?


Yes that is the answer!

Quality! Quality! Quality! Let’s face it, Google is just getting smarter and the technology is getting better. If Marketers or Businesses plan to succeed online, they better be prepared to invest into quality content and quality SEO. Doing the bare minimum, or not keeping your content updated or current, won’t fly anymore.

Google is looking for websites that provide quality information to users and relevant based on search terms. This means quality page titles, descriptions, keywords, copy, videos, downloads, collateral, etc. The days of keyword stuffing, trading links, or doing just the most minimum to get by, won’t be enough to be competitive online.

What should you do?

When the time comes to analyze your SEO strategy or future website development, consider how you are going to create and maintain a online presence with meaningful keyword search terms. The keyword isn’t dead, you just need to plan on how to make your website provide the best quality to the end user. Plan on terms that will produce the best result based on how users search and create content on your website, and SEO the will support those terms.


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2 comments on “Do Keywords Really Matter?
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