Webinar Your Way to More Leads


What are you excited about and want to share about your business? What would get your customer base excited and pull in potential new customers, too? Would you like to organize get-togethers for your clients and followers on a regular basis? Webinars may be the answer to your needs, and it doesn’t take a whole IT department to organize and execute one. There are a number of online meeting clients – BlueJeans, WebEx, Lifesize, and others – that can help you to get your webinar off to a flying start.

What Is a Webinar?

A webinar is like a seminar or meeting, only it is held over the Internet. Participants can watch and interact with speakers with programming such as presentations, training, product demonstrations, or panel discussions. There are a lot of different benefits to holding a webinar as opposed to organizing a real-time on location seminar, such as not having to take into account travel times, per diems, and the cost of accommodations. In fact, some of the online meeting apps are versatile enough for people to sign in and attend a fully featured virtual meeting with no more than their mobile phone. It does take some scheduling finesse with respect to different time zones and schedules, but it can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Just look at some of the benefits:

  • Webinars are a way to add value to the customer/client relationship.
  • Webinars don’t take all the planning of a real-time face to face meeting.
  • It’s a chance to conduct market research both before and after the proceedings.
  • By making it an open webinar, you can generate new leads by having perspective attendees register.
  • Webinars give people access to yourself and your staff, making the relationship more personal than just a voice over the phone.
  • Hosting webinars establishes you as an authority within your industry.
  • Webinars can be used to introduce new products without a big advertising budget.
  • Interactivity is a selling point, because when people are interacting, they are building a stronger relationship with you and your product.
  • Webinars can also be used to instruct people in the use of your products without having to send out reps to each customer.

Getting Started

If you have ever been in a meeting that is poorly planned, you remember how frustrating the experience was. Meetings should be structured around an agenda, with the Harvard Business Review recommending that you devote 20 percent more time than you think you may need for each subject. You’ll need to give a definite start and ending time, so that are disciplines can schedule the rest of their day. You will be able, with the proper app to upload materials for access, and even to archive a copy of the proceedings for access at a later date or to create a library of topics for user access.

It may take some practice with the app to become smooth and proficient, but it is well worth your time to do so in order to keep that meeting running smoothly.


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