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Reality Check: Hire Experts when You Need Expertise

There are websites and website designers that would have you believe that you can build a fully functional website DIY, or get one for about the same as an Ektorp sofa at Ikea. Yes, you can get a website for

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Law Firm Online Success Guide. Part 1: Build for Conversion

Building a website for your law firm isn’t like building for any other type of line of business. While the approaches can be similar, there are key differences that can make or break a practice’s customer facing web portal. The

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Small Business Online Success Guide: Small Business Smarts

You are not Amazon. Or Zappos. You’re not Macy’s, or Wal-Mart, or any of the other top internet presences. Odds are that you are a small-small business and trying desperately to rise above the clamoring crowd and get yourself in

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Making the Most of Your Digital Marketing First Impression

Marketing first impression, Online marketing

It’s a worn out cliché, but it’s never meant more in the world of digital marketing than it does today – you only get one shot at a great first impression, so you had better make the most out of

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5 Signs It’s a Good Time to Redesign Your Website

website design, website redesign

Your website is the digital face of your organization, so making sure it’s top of the line is vital to staying in the good graces of your consumers. Just like a night out with your friends, chances are you wouldn’t

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4 Step Studio’s Latest Customers Include E&L Insurance, All Realty, Psychology Persia & Tiny Little Dancer

E&L Insurance E&L Insurance is an independent insurance agency that focuses on selling personal and commercial insurance to customers in Florida. Insurance is highly competitive and it’s important that their website is easy to use, flows well and allows customers to request

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4 Step Studio’s Latest Customers Include Mom’s Retreat, LR Printing, and More

4 Step Studio is a South Florida based Full Service Digital Marketing Agency that primarily focuses on helping small businesses grow and improve their online presence. By offering affordable services for website design and redesign, social media marketing, search engine

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